The Journey

The Journey is written for Wayne by Brenda Chabot, a fellow amateur historian, researcher and friend. Wayne describes to Brenda, the many journeys he takes during the research process, his travels, museum visits and the very special historical events he is invited to attend. All photographs are taken by Wayne and quotes are his unless otherwise named. Enjoy !

New Vietnam War Era Statue, Bedford, P.A.

By Brenda Chabot | Jul 19, 2017 |

A new commissioned statue has been unveiled as part of the Vietnam War Monument, located in Veteran’s Grove, at the corner of Penn and Juliana Streets in the city of Bedford, P.A.   Veteran’s Grove is the result of the Bedford County’s citizen’s efforts to pay tribute to the men and women of the county…

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The Lincoln Statue Title: The Final Summation

By Brenda Chabot | Jul 12, 2017 |

When sculptures of persons are created, a great deal of thought goes into the planning process. Those who commission a piece will normally have an idea in mind which will include a time period, a particular event involving the subject or subjects, plus a site location where the statue will be placed. All of these…

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On Sculpting the Great Man, Abraham Lincoln

By Brenda Chabot | Jul 10, 2017 |

To start at the beginning of this journey, we go back to 2016 when Wayne took a phone call from Gary Wade, the V.P. and Dean of the Duncan School of Law in Knoxville, Tennessee. Wade had recently seen photographs of Wayne’s latest bronze sculpture of Sam Houston and was impressed with his work. The…

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