Fall and Winter Sculpting

Since the latest post in late September, the blog has been quiet as Wayne has been very busy working on three commissioned monuments. Winter provides that much needed down time.

On Tuesday April 17th, the completed statue, called Lincoln ~ The Final Summation, was unveiled in Knoxville, Tennessee.

As the Lincoln project was ongoing, the Vietnam era statue, as of yet not named, was being worked on in its’ full 1 1/4 life-size. It is destined for Veteran’s Grove in Bedford, Pennsylvania. This touching monument, depicting Congressional Medal of Honor recipient, Robert Hartsock, along with his scout dog, Duke, is to be placed so that the statue appears to be sadly gazing upon an existing Vietnam Memorial stone reading:





The statue’s positioning will connect with and enhance the original marker.

Once the clay version is complete, the Vietnam veterans from Bedford County will be invited to press their thumbprint into the clay honoring each of them for perpetuity. After this emotional process is completed, the monument will be shipped or driven by Wayne to the foundry for casting. A title for the monument will be decided before it is sent to the foundry and will be updated here.

The third commission that Wayne has been working on is the depiction of two Congressional Medal of Honor recipients, shown together despite one being a WWII vet and the other being a Vietnam War vet.

These two men, that called the small town of Everett in Bedford County, Pennsylvania, their home, attended the same high school in Everett, although several years apart. Both men went on to distinguish themselves with acts of selfless bravery resulting in their death and both received their medal posthumously.

The men are Ellis R. Weicht, WWII and Robert Hartsock, the Vietnam War.

The clay maquette has been approved and is now at the foundry being cast. This project is not yet named. Further updates will follow.

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