History Told Through Art

Messages sent though art go back in time to the cave paintings and sculptures. These messages subtly describe a time, an event, a culture, a direction, personal status and more.  The art provides a voice for the person or culture captured for the years.

Cave drawings found across the globe document history through depicting the animals, fish, men and women in various attire, plus events such as floods, famine and disease. Native indigenous peoples would record their history through pictographs on cave walls and on buffalo skins as well as creating sculptured effigies.

Prior to photography, when an individual commissioned a portrait of themselves, they would choose their own stance, their attire, specific jewellery, and items such as books, maps, scales etc.  All of the above would tell the viewer of their profession, education, status and age.

From the cave drawings, to buffalo hides, to sculptures and canvas, art pleases the eye.  As it tells its story it draws emotion and invites the viewer to find out more about the subject. It incites reflection, contemplation and curiosity.

Art is a beautiful way to document history and this practice continues to this day. This is especially true in historic depictions of the past. When an artist portrays a past event, culture or person, they research to find the important clues to include in the piece to allow the final product to “talk.”

Each of Wayne’s statues and monuments are heavily researched to be able to provide the content that will tell the story.

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