The Charge

Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Future Monument, Canada

Some maquette size sculptures are still available - contact Wayne regarding price, delivery etc.

The "Mountie" is a proud symbol of Canada, as recognizably Canadian around the globe as the maple leaf or sweeping northern vistas.

Great passion and respect inspired the artist, Wayne Hyde during many hours of research and subsequent sculpting in fine detail, producing a beautiful maquette titled “The Charge.”

“The Charge” is one of the final and the most powerful manoeuvres in the world famous RCMP Musical Ride when the finely trained horses are lined up and held in position by their riders until ...... the rider lowers the Lance and bellows "CHARGE".  The horses and riders thunder forward in battle cry of times past.

This monument captures the history, the emotion, the pride and the power of this maneuver in bronze for eternity.

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II was gifted from the RCMP Foundation with a maquette of “The Charge” and was truly delighted.

The maquette statue is available for purchase and the monument project is ongoing in raising funds to gift this beautiful statue as a monument to Canada.

If you wish to support this project, kindly contact Wayne.

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