You Shall Hear Of Me

Sam Houston - Maryville, Tennessee

Some maquette size sculptures are still available - contact Wayne regarding price, delivery etc.

sam houston monument

“You don’t know me now, but you shall hear of me.” Sam Houston

These are words spoken by a young Sam Houston as he set out on his life’s journey between the Native and European worlds.

“You Shall Hear of Me.” is the title given to Pennsylvania sculptor Wayne E. Hyde’s recent commissioned monument, that of Sam Houston.

The monument appears majestic, commanding the lawn of the Maryville Municipal Center in Maryville, Tennessee. It stands atop a 6 to 7 foot tall pedestal made from Blount County pink marble inscribed with highlights of Houston’s life in Maryville, including running away to live with the Cherokee Indians for a year and his time as a school teacher.

Wayne Hyde’s bronzes are recognized for capturing the emotion in the subject as well as drawing emotion from the viewers.

This youthful portrayal allows the viewer to feel the strength, the excitement, the hope and eagerness of Houston in full freedom, ready to begin his journey into the pages of history.

Standing 7 feet tall and weighing 450 lbs., the bronze figure captures Houston at age 19, armed with his late father’s longrifle and a pipe tomahawk. He carries his treasured book, Homer’s Iliad tucked into a traditional beaded Cherokee sash and wears a ring on his baby finger, inscribed with the single word: Honor, gifted from his mother.

Noted American Historical painters have taken pleasure in collaborating with Wayne on certain commissions. David Wright of Gallatin, Tennessee, worked with him on the Sam Houston piece.

“Since Wayne sculpts historical subjects, he researches all details extensively. With the Houston project, he asked if I would work with him and I gladly accepted. He’s a great artist and to work with him and also be a part of this significant Tennessee project was a great honor for me. Along with Wayne, I researched the subject and his life, provided the clothing and accoutrements for the model, all of which show up in the bronze to accurately portray a great American – Sam Houston. Wayne knocked it out of the park."

Peacefully surrounded by a 50 foot plaza equipped with benches and seating available on a retaining wall, it has been said that this would make a perfect outdoor classroom offering the perfect opportunity to tell about Houston and his importance, not only to the Maryville community but to the nation as well.